Harness the Power of Data

As the world enters the fourth industrial revolution, turn this wealth of information into actionable insights.
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Web Analytics: Gain actionable insights from your websites.


No need for cookie banners or GDPR consent

Sooooo happy to measure.
Easy compliance with regulations: you don't need to worry about cookies or personal data collection, because your site measurement is done anonymously. Straight-forward cookie-less tracker that is privacy-friendly that measures your site's performance without compromising visitor's personal data.

Self-host Google Analytics Alternative

Understand what visitors are looking for.
You can segment your audience by any metric you want and answer the important questions about your visitors, content and referral sources. You can track paid campaigns, dark traffic and 404 error pages to learn more about what people are clicking on. With our custom events tool, you can identify trends that matter and see how they convert.

Have questions about your data?
Metabase has answers.

Metabase is the ultimate tool for data lovers, providing answers to all your questions. Now you can find out anything about your data, no matter how technical!
Open source & Crowd sourced
Open-Source Technologies
Like most of the apps Praxis utilises, our data analytics apps are supported & built by thousands of developers from all over the world. The collective of input & wisdom from the community allows the software to be highly customisable, secure & future proof for everyone — no matter small or big companies.

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