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Different Flavours of CMSs

A content management system (CMS) is a type of software that manages the creation and publishing of your website's content. There are many flavors of CMSs on the market, but they can be split into two types: traditional CMSs like WordPress and headless CMSs like Ghost, Strapi.
Traditional CMSHeadless CMS
A traditional CMS is a monolithic application that connects the front-end and back-end of a website, and ties together everything from the database to the presentation layer. These features are perfect for a website that needs a lot of control over content and structure.
Design Sets
We've assembled various beautiful design sets that suit all types of businesses From restaurant, to corporate, personal blogs websites.  
Easy to Use
For beginners or someone who wants to get involved with the content publishing on their website, WordPress made it easy for you to do so.
Various Plug-ins
Plug-ins simply enhance the ability of your website to perform certain functions. WordPress repository contains thousands of plug-ins that can help you & your business.
Open Source
Being an open source project, not only means that it is secure & supported by the developers & community, but also prevent vendor lock-in.

Oxygen, Bricks & LiveCanvas.

These builder are not only users & developers-friendly, but generated the cleanest code for faster & optimised websites. They also give us full control over various  function & design aspects of the website.
A headless CMS can be really useful, because it allows for infinite customisation on the front-end. It has no impact or input on how the content is presented, and is all managed through an API. Once you've created and edited your content, publishing it via the API is all you need to do!
Infinite Customisation
Allows front-end developers to create and design the website any way they want. Back-end developer can further enhance the system with various technologies.
Developer Friendly
You can use whichever framework you are most comfortable with to build your headless CMS, which doesn't require the use of specific frameworks or languages.
Multiple Platform
Now it's easier than ever to get your content out there! Whether it's web or mobile, content managed by a headless CMS can be displayed in all of your favourite places.
Open Source
Being an open source project, not only means that it is secure & supported by the developers & community, but also prevent vendor lock-in.

Apostrophe, Strapi, & Ghost CMSs.

We can easily connect to any databases, front-end frameworks, or static site generators, and integrate them with your favourite tools.


Working Together is Easy

We have a streamlined process from start to finish. Fully transparent & productivity focused.
Step 1
Select a design you like the most.
Here you'll choose the  types of fonts, colour palettes, & provide us with the basic contents.
Step 2
Start crafting a suitable design set.
We'll utilise our existing design set library or create a new one for you that best represent your business & identity.
Step 3
Discuss & arrangements.
We'll come to an agreement to the type of website, package, design, and pricing.
Step 4
Agree? We'll start building.
Now we can start building the real thing, and create your dream website!

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