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Web Development

Ready to tackle the digital world?

You can't put a price on a website built with so much care and attention to details. A fully managed service can't get any better than this.


Starts at RM5000
Best for serious professionals, to showcase your work to the world.
WordPress + NGINX / OLS
Web Analytics
Image CDN
Video CDN
Onboarding Session
2 FREE Automation (Promotion Ends July)
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Starts at RM7000
Fully packed - for serious business, company or e-commerce sellers creating a strong brand presence.
WordPress + LS Ent
Prototype UI/UX
Image CDN
Video CDN
Basic SEO
1-hour Training
Web Analytics
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Our Affordable Starter Package

Not sure where to start? This is the best place. You only need to start now and grow from there. (NO SPOTS AVAILABLE)

WordPress + NGIX
Image CDN
Landing Page
Onboarding Session
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Starts at RM3000
Best for freelancers, bloggers, hobbyists.  Good for starting out & getting noticed out there.

Looking For The Best We Could Offer?

— Enterprise.

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Feature-rich enterprise-ready solutions. Empower your business with tools to manage your data and customers. We provide access to our integrated web-applications for your team that can replace Zoom, Asana, Hubspot, Hotjar, Tableau & many more. In addition to substantially lower costs, you will have the freedom and flexibility of fully managed self-hosted solutions.
WordPress LiteSpeed Enterprise or Custom CMS
Dedicated Server, Worldwide Datacenters
Weekly Report Web Analytics & Data Analysis
System Automation, Data Processing
Competitors' Analysis, Keywords Research
No vendor lock-in for your business applications.


Custom UI/UX Designed Project
Self-hosted Enterprise Applications
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Framework based
You can choose from traditional WordPress CMS, or a headless CMS. We'll figure out what's best for you & your team.
Automate your system and let it work for you. Integrate one system with another, seamlessly.
Create data pipeline to load data into your warehouse such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake, in real-time.
Centralise CRM
Have a central repository for all your customer data, meaning you can get key insights that will help you to enhance and nurture your business relationships.
Self-hosted solution
Keep your data private & secure behind your own wall. Scale as your need. Have full control of data ownerships.
Global Datacenters
Have datacentres that are located around the world, providing direct network access in 11 markets and a multitude of locations, reducing latency.
Competitors' Analysis
Dig into their SEO strategy, products pricing, analyse their customers' reviews and comments from third party sites & social media.
Power of AI (soon)
Machine learning - let your system operates with less human intervention. While deep learning allows the system to think & analyse data like a real human would, it will do it without bias and with extreme accuracy

Plans Comparison

Web Server (WordPress)
Prototype (UI/UX)
Data Pipeline
Data Analysis
Web Analytics
Image CDN
Video CDN
Natural Language Processing (NLP)*
Competitor Analysis
Search Engine Optimisation
Best for freelancers, bloggers, hobbyist
Best for serious professionals
Best for business, company or ecommerce sellers
Best for agencies or companies looking for serious growth
WordPress or Custom
Priority 24/7
Frequently Asked Questions
*What are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and scrapping services?
With NLP, we can integrate your form submission with our NLP software. The algorithm then sorts the comments based on keywords, writing characteristics and other pre-defined variables. Scrapping works in-tandem with NLP, where we can scrap comments or posts in social media, and export the data to external sheets. With proper pipeline, we an process these data with NLP algorithms to sort out these posts based on aforementioned criterias. The ultimate result will provide you with the necessary data that allows you to understand your customers, so you & your team can react accordingly.
**What are the differences in the level of support given for each package tiers?
Support can be defined as any help from us to you after the project is delivered, limited to anything that both party agreed during the proposal stage; submit to terms & conditions. However, support does not equate to IT retainer or maintenance services.

"Basic Support" for Starter & Professional packages includes onboarding session where we will explain to you how your website works in general, along with 48 to 72-hours response time for issues related to the project. 

It is important to note: You will NOT be given any access to back-end systems unless you specifically requested for this, during the initial stage. This is to prevent any unwanted modification to the website structure. However, upon handling the website once it's completed, if you wish to add your own blog post, we will provide you with a limited user's access permission to create your own page(s) or blog post(s). 

On the other hand, "Advance Support" includes onboarding session, and access to documentations, 1 hour basic training & 24-hours response time for email support regarding general project issues. 

Priority Support will be given onboarding session, documentation access, with an addition of 2 hours introduction training session & priority line with 6-hour response time & access to support helpline (submit to timezone differences, UTC +8).

For E-commerce websites, types of support will be clarified in terms & conditions. Generally, Enterprise package will include monthly IT maintenance package where we will provide general maintenance, and various other services that will be further discussed during the proposal stage.
What is included in Web Analytics?
We will install cookie- or cookieless trackers on your website to see how users or visitors behave on your website, e.g. where most traffic comes from, how many users clicked a certain button, which page they went to next etc. Depending on your package tiers, more complex analytics may be taken. We also offer fully-managed analytics & self-hosting option for our Business & Enterprise clients.
What are the different tiers of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Basic SEO includes standard SEO best practices such as using appropriate H tags, having main keywords in our website and optimising loading speed. Naturally, the higher the package tier, the more parameters are looked after and the more significant effort is put into planning the SEO.
Tell me more about automation.
Automation is the process where we can connect apps that you use everyday and automate workflows when a certain app is triggered (think "if this, then that" process). Automation saves time compared to performaing various routine tasks manually each time. For example, when an order arrived and you need to send a notification to yourself and your supplier. There are dozens of other use-cases & applications that can be integrated with automation.
What is self-hosted?
Self-hosted is when an app or system is installed locally to your or our own private server, with computational resources reserved only for you. Self-hosted gives you complete control over who can access it (either to use the app or access the data within the app). It can be costly & very technical-demanding process to setup firewalls, maintain and host the apps yourself. That is why we generally prefer to host it on our server infrastructure. This option is reserved only for our Enterprise customers where we can act as an admin on behalf of your team to maintain the applications & services.
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