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Our Methods

Providing you with option to use commercially developed products or open source.

Our Goals

Simplifying the technology adoption & application processes for our customers.

What We Do:

We provide various ranges of services in web design & development. Not only that, we can also help manage your server and deployment of any web application that your business needs.
UI & UX design and prototyping for your website & web applications.
Building & launching your personal, company or business websites.
Managing your servers and configure it to your required technology stacks (NGIX or LiteSpeed).
For our Enterprise customers, we provide web analytics and data analysis features to make sense of your data.
We setup automation system programatically so you don't have to repeat the same tasks every-time, saving you thousands of hours.
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UI / UX Design

Our process is based on observation, understanding and simplification of people's behavior and needs. We believe that minimalism is not only a trend, but also a philosophy that should permeate all aspects of design.
Most people only pay attention up to ~7% of the information presented to them. So, we make every effort to ensure that they get the key points without getting distracted by the rest of the clutter. As a result, our designs are extremely effective and usable.
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Web Development

Web development is the process of designing, coding, testing and deploying a website in an environment that can be accessed by web users. Web developers use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or Python & many more, to develop websites. It's important to follow web development best practices if you want your site to function properly.
There are many steps to creating a website. Mainly it involved: front-end, back-end, & dev-ops. It begins with prototyping the design to finalise the the look, feel, and usability of the site. We then select the best stack that suits your website, followed by database & infrastructure. Later stages involve SEO optimisation, web hosting, domains, and more. There are also important security considerations that must be addressed before publishing your site to the world wide web.
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Server Deployment

Server Management

We simplify server management experience. Either using Linode or other providers, we will help you manage all of your cloud server providers. As a client, you will be given access to the platform too. You don’t need to be a Linux expert to build a website powered by Linode.
You can easily manage multiple servers (Linode and others) from one single server management dashboard. We can manage multiple web applications (websites) in one server & can easily change the web application stack from native Nginx to Nginx-Apache2 hybrid or OpenLiteSpeed / LiteSpeed enterprise, & vice versa for each web application in your server. No need to spin a new server only to try to use Nginx or Apache.
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Interested? Working  Together Is Easy.

Working with us has its perks. We're small and agile, so you can get things done in a hurry. Flexible team  & full transparency.
Step 1
Know your business
Every business is different. The only person who understands your business fully, is you. Once you know what you need, we can device plans or steps to help you to fulfil your requirements & more.
Step 2
Let's Discuss
Set an appointment with us, & we can discuss deeper to understand the background of your company, & the details of your requirements, i.e. your projects, targets, budgets, etc.
Step 3
Within few days, we will devise a plan for you. Depending on the service you inquire, we will provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs & requirements. We will also give you some suggestions.
Step 4
Take your time to discuss the proposal with your team, and feel free to get back to us if you have any questions or the proposal needs some amendment. The proposal will include a detailed list of agreed job scopes for the project, timeline, terms & conditions, & methods of payments.
Step 5
Legal & Payment
Once you have agreed to work with us, we will send over some legal documents confirming the proposal contents. If you're happy with that, send us an official letter to accept the proposal. Once you've paid the agreed deposit, we will begin our work.
Step 6
Sit back and relax
You'll be added to our client portal where we can discuss, chat, upload documents & you'll be able to monitor the work progression. You'll be updated throughout every stages of the project to completion.
  • During the onset of the pandemic, I decided to digitalise my businesses online. Reaching clients are now easier than ever having a website as the face to my corporate company, and managing clients are easy with the right tools at disposal.
    Founder, Monosa Ventures
  • Praxis really goes above my expectations. They help simplify my process of launching a website & gave me detailed proposal on the project. They're also very flexible on the timeline and quick to respond.
    Founder, Fanos Group
  • I was planning to expand my car wash business & provide a digital presence to it. Praxis delivers it in just about 1 week. Website performance is stellar & support is patient to explain everything to me,  especially for a non-technical person like myself.
    Owner, Brado Motosports Spa

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