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We are a full-service tech company, simplifying technologies for you. We help manage your system in state-of-the-art infrastructures so you can focus on what you do best.
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Design. Build. Launch. Automate.

We utilise effective creative process & innovative technologies that can help you with the project you're building — no matter how big or small.



So you need a website or a dashboard web app to showcase your business, products or pull all your data. How do we start?

Every build we make begins with a design. We help you create a universal design token that suits your corporate identity. These concepts then become a prototype — the very base of our creation.
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We then build your website or web application from the ground up — considering a design system, and appropriate front-end & back-end technologies.

Every piece should be a masterpiece. It should represent you or your company. Fully functional and simple to use. Our approach — minimalism & simplicity.


At this stage, you should be excited. Your project is about to launch. 

Let us worry about the complicated things such as a server or domain configurations or everything else — so you can focus on your business.
Runcloud deployment


The idea of technology is to make your life easier.

So, work smarter — we can programme automation that performs tasks for you such as sending a notification to your messaging apps when the system updates or notifying you when a customer requests a refund.
Automate 50% speed


Streamline routine work.

Do more of the work you do best. We use NextCloud & several other open-source software to help you connect with your team members, or clients easily. Share important files, and photos, or start video calls to discuss — all in one unified platform.
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Universal Sharing
You can securely share important files with your teammates or clients. Upload invoices, documents, photos or videos. See them on all your devices.
Streamlined Communication
Have conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors all in one place, and keep everyone updated. WiFi phone calls, video conferences or appointment calls - all centralised.
Private & Group Planner
List down your targets and prioritize tasks systematically. Get projects done faster as a team and meet deadlines. Create notes, a kanban board, and mind maps, and share them with your team.
Improved Collabration
Start creating & work on a document together with your teammates. Make comments or corrections with real-time updates & export them to Microsoft Word. Edit a presentation together & export it to Microsoft PowerPoint.


One hub to link them all.

Do more with less: our websites & web applications are fully integrated with one another. Now you can bring together everything your business or team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work, start to finish.
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A complete set of powerful tools. Finally.

WordPress has powered ~60% of global internet websites. It is only as powerful as the quality of the tools & plugins used to create it. Rest assured, your websites are built with the best practices, & the best tools available.
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It's time to grow. Be at the forefront of the industry.

We are determined to simplify digital technology & increase its adoption in various industries & sectors. Discover how we can help you grow in your respective fields.
  • Enterpreneur
    Explore potential markets
    Sell your products online
  • Restaurant Owner
    Customers can order food online
    Arrange food pickup time
  • Teacher
    Create lessons & teach online
    Manage student's  assignments
  • Scientists
    Plan research & analyse data
    Share findings & collaborate

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We are a full-service tech company, offering services in web development, deployment, and data analytics. We help to manage your system in state-of-the-art infrastructures, so you can focus on what you do best.
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